More Die of Hearbreak

Chuckie Campbell

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More Die of Heartbreak, borrowing its title from nobel prize winning author Saul Bellow's novel of the same name, is an experimental hip hop project written by Chuckie Campbell and produced entirely by Willie Breeding of the brother/sister duo The Breedings. The album features highly notable guest appearances from members of the Wu Tang Clan, Cappadonna and Solomon Childs, Cole Jonique of Tate Music Group, Willie and Erin Breeding of The Breedings, as well as rapper and producer for Disturbia Music Group, Block McCloud. The album itself is a return to form for Chuckie Campbell, a telling, drawing on the seven years after a violent physical assault left his jaw broken in two places, an event that would affect nearly every other human relationship that took place afterward. More Die of Heartbreak is dedicated to Ralph B. Prater, who committed suicide in March of 2011. It is a reminder that for every one person who makes it out alive, more will die of heartbreak.

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