From the recording More Die of Hearbreak


A Moment in Time

Yeah, sometimes, you just got to feel blessed to be in the moment.

And, I walk on down
that lonely, painted road --
And, I walk on down the road.

We can never go back,
once it came, it elapsed,
rearranged and collapsed,
hate I can’t evacuate,
ventilates and contracts,
inchoate in the past,
formulates in the lap
of a God in the form
of a man in a mask
arabesque looking back
how it all came apart
in the cave of my heart
universe in a thought
and a man made of stars
written on the walls
of a moment we paused
in time.

Verse 1:
Everybody throw it up, if you love the sound
If you got it, show us love for the underground
We do it for the music, so we rock the crowd
Yeah, we do it for the music, so we rock the crowd
I got it on lock, so I lock this down
with the power that I gather from my diaphragm
come to life like a Coachella hologram,
so that you can get the picture, like an Instagram

In an instant I can instigate
the inner state of inner waste,
meaning from an inner place
to incubate my inner hate
in order for the interface
to enter place and entertain
I innovate in such a way
impossible to imitate,
an infinite but out-of-place
area of outer space
an infinite but out-of-place
area of outer space
never-ending Neverland
of serenade to narrate
to separate the music
from the noise,
let me simplify –

Back in the day, when nobody had cash
on a cardboard box, b-boys break dance
as the boom box blast, we would all kick raps
you ain’t get another chance, if you said something wack
when the DJ scratch, yo we all get down
no digital DJs clicked on a mouse
wrote letters to the senator with Krylon cans
rebelled against the system by sagging our pants

But time goes on and we all evolve
Days turn to night and the earth revolves
The music ain’t dead; there’s change involved
Learn to adapt or you’ll all fall off
Yeah, learn to adapt or you’ll all fall off,
and if it happens that way, it’s fine by me
As dope as it was, what this world don’t need
is another rendition of Run DMC,
Tupac Shakur or another Jay-Z,
so I’m tell you, like a brother told me
MP3s will replace CDs like ton of wack rappers will replace emcees
Ayo, that’s deep, but there’s something more important
We make music, so we can push it forward,
Yeah, we make music so we should push it forward –
It’s about the culture