Four Elements Entertainment is a leading lifestyle and entertainment company based out of Buffalo, NY with a specialty in booking, event coordination, and cross-platform brand development. Founded by Chuckie Campbell, Four Elements Entertainment was created on the premise of integrating the four elements of hip hop culture -- Rapping, DJing, B-boying, and Graffiti Writing -- into affordable but distinguished high quality events with a unique and personal flair, focused on inclusion and extending into all areas of the live entertainment business, whether that be music, television, publishing, and more. Events often feature live graffiti writing, live break dancing, and live music brought to you by local and national DJs and the finest un-established artists paired with nationally established artists in the hip hop genre.  

In the past, Four Elements entertainment has worked with many sponsors for their shows, including Deep Thinka Records, Milk and Cookies Entertainment, Verve Dance Studio, and Crown Royal to bring in a number of nationally known artists in the hip hop genre. Working with artists such as Pharoahe Monch, EPMD, and Black Milk, Four Elements has markedly began to attract crowds and fill venues up 1,500+ person capacities.

Every company has countless moving parts, from development to production to marketing. Part of Four Element's success depends on how well it manages to sell its image to the world and raise awareness about its products or services, news, and developments among key stakeholders and the public alike. We also consult and are comfortable meeting with clients and interacting with a number of vendors, entertainment contacts and more. The ability to quickly and clearly communicate is a must for successful event coordination and no one does so like Four Elements Entertainment.