1. Speak

From the recording More Die of Hearbreak



Verse 1 Coda:

Welcome. Wherever you are out there, right now, I'm glad you made it here.

Verse 1:

I kneel to the earth
to clutch a fist full of sand
in my palm I see patterns
forming words in my hand
born to understand and comprehend
what my diction lends to sin
and channel through the enamel
that unravels my travel, because
along the strobing halogen bulbs
I walk forever shunned
to rub the rare and untouched
perchance, I was sucked
into a universe that held me too much
or not enough
drugged by superstition
and ignoring intervention
your vision's often tempting
but following instruction
is your function that caters
your deduction to a stunned outcome

And, if these words are my last words
and you fail to reply
know this is not where evil lived
but where (my) humanity died
your world has lied
been a liar, lying to life
living a lie, supplying mankind
with wrong and right
a plight that must suffice
as I blitz into the night
seeing God's face in ink blotches
his vices enter my glottis

The artist lends an ear
Vincent Van Gogh
let this man go, untold
and be brilliantly fused
where my pain becomes a room
ripping me inside out
you often call it rap
word up, no doubt
with your wax people
with wax thoughts
in a wax world
drifting into space
what a wax waste
it is only on these rainy days
that I could only wish for sun rays
to make all of my wax problems
just melt away

Chorus 1 (x2):

So, speak
without losing control of tongue and cheek
dogma harbors Hell
and Hell is used to harbor weak

Weak is the result of many lies
that they use to program dreams
on the retina of your eyes

Why won't you believe my warning sign
being brainwashed is not the way to healthy minds

Verse 2, written by Ralph Prater

concrete evidence of comprehension
illustrating optimal potential of a nation
lifelines were used to procreate
and gather food
but often separated
by the lesser minds of fools
and everything a new discovery
should probably teach us
is often desecrated
by the interfering leeches
filter out uniqueness
individuals are dangerous as any virus
that's supposed to be contagious
to target market ages
the young and the impressioned
barricade the lie
and vaccinate contamination
I hope this message sinks in
I only have a pen
and every attribute
of any healthy human being
yeah, I can help you reach it
but only if you see it
I can grab your flesh
and hope my music grabs your spirit
impervious are lyrics
made to live beyond
even after songs are done
kaleidoscopes of hope
scriptures of elixirs
applied to hollow wounds
by means of painting mental pictures

Chorus 2 (x1)

Outro Coda:

This is my life. This is my story. This is where More Die of Heartbreak.