From the recording More Die of Hearbreak


Ancient Astronaut Theory

Verse 1:

Dreaming of decadent times
stories, elaborate plots
Eden to Shangri-la
lands exotic and hot
hips that move and then stop
love discovered and lost
imagine and travel beyond
open up, follow along
I'll bless you with spirit and song
the moon and the stars
you know who you are
energy, power, and force
rethinking the popular form
and passion it takes to perform
in rapture, expanding upon
a planet of mediocre
hipsters with music awards
cool kids with nothing to say
I'm really the opposite thing
and rhyming for positive change
an Anunnaki autopilot astronaut
riding the wave of lovely aesthetic beauty
so rarely contained

Chorus (x1)

I'm focused feeling energy
expanding out of broken light
and wisdom of the temple
deep within its patterns, entering
streams of creativity unknown
to Gods or deities
swimming tranquil through beyond
and back within infinity
sound that I concocted
on the tails of burning comets
riding rhythms dancing awkward
on a universal spiral
we are stars advancing brilliant
in the oceans of our nothing
shine bright, release, be free

Middle Eight:
This music raised me, gave me something to say
and maybe it saved, when there was nothing but pain
in a pair of headphones, the world drifted away
so I do this for the culture, giving back what it gave

Verse 2:
I go
I (x2)
I goes in
I (x2)

Rolling mad fly, flipping smooth on them boys, huh
going hard, exposing all those phony decoys, yah
I been on my work, though, someone shoulda told yah
gifted here to separate the music from the noise, bruh

Chorus 2 (x1)

We are
We (x2)
We are made
We are
made of stars

What are we afraid of? -- sliding off into the either?
stars burning out into the nothing
I can reach them
What if we fearlessly, saw potential, put energy
into concepts and imagery,
penmanship, creativity --
What if we ventured out, thought outside of the box?
Discovered no limitations: only people with thoughts.

Chorus 3 (x2)

End Song