From the recording More Die of Hearbreak


All I Meant feat. Cole Jonique

Chorus 1, Cole Jonique

All I meant to do
is tell you I'm listening
tell you I hear you
now, forever more, I'll be
I'll be on my own
And, all I meant to say,
every reaching
every healing
now, forever more, I'll be
I'll be on my own

Verse 1, Chuckie Campbell

Maybe it was me
maybe it was you
maybe it was everything you knew

So, let go

Maybe you're my angel,
epitome of faithful:
is all beauty painful?

I don't know.

Looking through our pictures
with so much to remember
I know that if I love you
I'll tell you

move on.

No one here can fix you.
No one here can save me.
You're hurt and I'm angry.

Still, we hold on.

Images of making love,
becoming one, I'm wondering
if covenants and promises
uncover it –

just two –

colors in a spectrum,
broken and reflective,
nothing could be separate:

it's in you.

What happens when the passions
of two people in attraction
end up hurting one another with
their actions?


people bring out nothing
but the bad in one another
even when intentions are
nothing but good.

Please, look.

Chorus 2, Cole Jonique (x1)

Verse 2, Chuckie Campbell

There are moments in our lifetime
open as the skyline,
meant to show us time in a pinhole.

Let's go.

People want to be in love.
Do they know what love is?
I seem to only know what it's not.

I know,

Love is not bickering.
Love is not arguing.
Love is not always in a fight.

One time.

Love is not controlling.
Love is not hoping
bruises get easier to hide.

Two times.

Love is not crass
or bringing up the past
or yelling just to hurt the other back.

Three times.

Love is not mad,
doesn't talk with its hands,
and it doesn't always get another chance.

Four times.

Love is not wrath,
revenge or payback,
trying to replace what it had.

One love.

Love is not lost,
doesn't always come around,
and before it loves another,
it must first love itself.

Chorus 3, Cole Jonique (x1)


Just under the starlight,
on the face of the water,
she dreams only but half asleep.
Dying on the tide, in the cool summer breeze,
all my love, I'm afraid, is beneath.
I imagine in a sliver
of time where I reach
that she also reaches out to me.
My heart is a yolk in a thin hollow shell,
praying for a moment of relief,
a ghost in a stampede
looking at its body,
hovering above a cold street.
I'm waiting for the pain
to bleed into my eyes,
my love running down my cheek.

Chorus 4, Cole Jonique (x1)

End Song