Big shout out to everyone who touched the stage for CRiTT and...

Big shout out to everyone who touched the stage for CRiTT and the BUFFALO MUSIC CLUB LIVE AT LARKIN featuring The Music Is Art ‘Good Neighbors’ project!!

I wish I had more footage of everyone’s performances. You were all breathtaking!

I’d go crazy trying to tag all the talent who touched the stage (and even before our cohort came on) but for good measure: David Cloyd, @maeganthesinger , Lizzy Hayes, @blaisemercedes , and Kevin Urso — spearheaded and put together by the genius of @ericthebuffalo and @buffalomusicclub and @musicisartbflo .

What a unique and humbling experience to play surrounded by some of the best musicians out here doing it. I was backed by a dynamic and talented band who brilliantly moved between genres, surveying idiosyncratic changes and arrangements with ease.

Additional appreciation to the hard work of @sallyanndra who wrote out the charts needed to make it all come to life.

Thank yous extended in every direction to the people who came out to spend their Wednesday with us — Chantal Michaux, Matthew James, Deanna Ramunno Muir, Jeanne Dyckman, Jacob Kokin, Amy Weymouth Peter Weber, Columbus Isiah Green, Sike Adisa, Jacob Jay, Sara Elizabeth — just too many kind people to name. It made it even more special to share this moment.

Here are some videos captured below! Enjoy! #buffaloartists #buffalomusic #buffalohiphop #buffalobands #buffalony #buffalorappers #undergroundhiphop #chuckiecampbell #teamc2 #hiphop #hiphopbands #larkinsquare (at Larkin Square)