Yesterday was one of the longest days of setting up, performing,...

Yesterday was one of the longest days of setting up, performing, breaking down I’ve ever had on a tour, but it was well worth it in the love, respect, and appreciation we received.

I want to thank Madison Middle School, Madison Central High School, and Eastern Kentucky University for having us. Each performance was unique in presentation and valuable in ways beyond music. I feel that each unique experience, too, was nuanced in the power of hip hop as a culture to act as a transcendent force in the lives of young people. I want to extend my appreciation to all the faculty and staff who made these performances possible, but especially to Amber Land Snell, Susan Cintra, and Jon Gore. You all are the real MVPs.

I also want to thank Mandy Owens for coming out to our show in the Ravine at EKU. That was our last performances of the day and we were all tired but it was nice to see a familiar face among the college students who were laying in hammocks and sitting on beach towels enjoying us perform.

Today, we are on our way to St. Louis, MO for Chuckie Campbell with Live Band at Kranzberg Art Studio with Bates and Rec Riddles, but before we go, I’ll try to share what limited pictures and videos I have from these beautiful events yesterday. I might have to upload some of these as the day progresses or even tomorrow, but that’s okay — these experiences are more than videos and pictures; more accurately, they are memories I’ll carry with me forever. #kentuckyhiphop #madisonmiddle #madisoncentral #easternkebtuckyuniversity #buffalohiphop #buffalorappers #buffalomusicscene #buffalomusicians #tour #boombap #bourbon (at Richmond, Kentucky)

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