Official Kickstarter! Donate or sponsor Chuckie Campbell at SXSW in March 2015!

WE ARE SEEKING DONATIONS AND SPONSORSHIP! Chuckie Campbell and the Phaction (drummer, bass, trumpet, and trombone) WILL BE AT SXSW IN MARCH 2015! SXSW Music Festival is the largest music festival of its kind in the world, with more than 2,200+ official performers and bands playing in more than 100+ venues. However, as many know, travel, lodging, and other expenses are NOT cheap. We'll need your help to get there. To support this important venture, we've started a Kickstarter for our most committed and dedicated supporters and sponsors to contribute and donate to the cause. Those who Donate in larger, more significant amounts will receive C2 Merchandise in return for their donation. Sponsors who are interested receive numerous forms of support through provisions related to products and services at SXSW, including product placements on banners, t-shirts, and other merchandise; sponsor name announced at event; small sponsor banner or logo displayed on podium; sponsor logo on Chuckie Campbell's Facebook artist page (including hotlink to their site). Sponsor levels begin at $200 and extend all the way to $1,500+. You may be a small business looking for exposure or a large corporate entity looking to further develop your social presence. We can promise you exposure and get your brand seen.

Risks and challenges

After funding, potential obstacles could arise, relating to travel, vehicular maintenance, lodging, work scheduling for band members, venue cancellation, and the like. To remedy the following, travel will be planned out months ahead of time, venues and promoters will be in constant communication, vehicles will be rented with the proper insurance to prevent any occurrences that prevent travel, and lodging will be arranged months beforehand.