Now, it’s time to give up the ghost! Last night was truly...

Now, it’s time to give up the ghost! Last night was truly amazing on so many levels. I want to thank everyone who touched the stage last night and everyone who gave up their Saturday night to spend it with us: Dave Stewy, Ian Gabriel, Ziere Rodolph, and DaTrumpetman Virella!

It was truly remarkable coming back to Richmond, KY and seeing how we were embraced. I want to shout out a couple of people: Susan Cintra, who is running for Senate; Paul Reed Jr, who has been a life-long friend of mine; Bob Wason, who I’ve known probably since I was in sixth grade; John Q Campbell, my brother and one of my best friends and most formidable role models growing up; Martina Jackson, of which who is doing God’s work in RKY and changing some of the parts of the community that have sorely needed change for so long; Mark Feather, who has welcomed us into his home and been so incredible through all these years (your friendship extends beyond words); and so many more names! Oh, and Colbert Gautreaux, I appreciate you, sir! I can’t leave you out!

I’ll throw in a shout for the love of life, Chantal Michaux, also, who supports me and my dreams even they require great sacrifice. And while providing support and taking care of everything and everyone back home, she takes the time to book hotel rooms and talk me through my frustrations and anxieties as they arise. I love you so much and will be home soon.

Tonight we are in Lexington, KY for The Boom Bap & Bourbon Tour: Lexington at Horse and Jockey! If you missed Paddy Wagon, here’s your chance to make it right. The Boom Bap and Bourbon Tour is sponsored by Three Chord Bourbon! These events are affiliated with Automatic Records! #buffalohiphop #buffalony #buffalomusicscene #richcity #kentuckyhiphop #kyproud #chuckiecampbell #finelytunedtaste #threechordbourbon #boombap #bourbon #boombapandbourbontour (at Richmond, Kentucky)