Moving into 2022, I want to say thank you to everyone who stood...

Moving into 2022, I want to say thank you to everyone who stood by me (personally) and who supported my artistic pursuits this past year.

In the interest of such, I’d like to make some announcements!

I am now sponsored by @threechordbourbon as a part of their music ambassadorship program.

You can follow Three Chord here:

Get used to seeing the Three Chord logo, as they will be a vital part of how future touring and local events will be handled on my end.

I prefer my Three Chord neat and on the rocks, but I’m learning how much people love their Three Chord and cola combination. If you haven’t tried it, it’s coming to a venue near you.

Next, after years and years of releasing music solely as an independent artist, being my own machine, so to speak, I’ve decided to try something else. My next project is a collaboration with bay-area rapper and producer, @onewerdy , titled “Shadows Resembling God.”

This project will come out on @automaticrecords , a multi-genre independent music label with offices in Minneapolis, MN, New Brunswick, NJ, and Brooklyn, NY.

You can follow the label here:

To new beginnings! I love you all and wish you the absolute best in 2022.

Happy New Year, everyone! (at Buffalo, New York)

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